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RFI and EMI Shielding

RFI Shielding United Western Enterprises is experienced in developing, manufacturing and improving custom RFI and EMI shielding. Shields can be manufactured exactly to your desired specifications. Shields can be etched as flat pieces with or without etched bend lines to ease forming at your facility or we can form at our in-house forming department. Part numbers, logos or other identification can be included on your shields as well, further developing the shielding to your requirements.

One piece shielding, shielding with peel away tops or two piece shields consisting of a “fence and cover” combination are typical designs for shielding. We are willing to work with you as you develop your custom application.

Materials commonly used for etching shielding include:

arrow  Brass, bare or plated.

arrow  Tin plated steel.

arrow  Nickel Silver.

arrow  Mu metal

arrow  Stainless Steel.

Added processes include:

arrow  We have our own in-house forming department.

arrow  Welding seams closed-we do laser welding in-house.

arrow  Soldering open seams shut.

Plating, especially to brass and steel parts, plating helps in soldering to boards and protection from oxidation of the base material.